Interior decor


We are inspired by the timber and ceramics that we find. We make lamps for looking at like a piece of art,  (although most come with a shade ring and so a standard bulb can be used with a shade). We match the bulb to the lamp making the piece itself completely unique.
Rustic unique hand made furniture for everyday practical living. Wine racks, bottle openers, coat hooks, bathroom accessories - we make pieces based on the timber we have available but we can also make bespoke furniture and gifts. Do get in touch with your design idea and we will see if we can make it a reality.
Utilitarian scaffold planks make lovely shelves. Bent, battered and bruised when we get them, but when lovingly sanded, stained and fixed together with industrial bolts they really do make a lovely addition to any living space. These can be made to your size, colour and finish specification, get in touch and we'll draw a plan and give you a quote. 
We believe that timber is beautiful no matter its age or previous use. We try and re-use everything we can in today’s throw away world and hope that we can make a small and beautiful difference to our planet and our homes. 
We get a lot of our wood from timber recycling project's, their aim is to rescue, re-use and recycle tonnes of wood otherwise destined for landfill.

Some of our timber is rescued from building sites or given to us. It's amazing what you can do with a battered old pallet and some old floor boards. Old furniture can be given a new lease of life, or a completely different purpose, with just a little love and care.
We love to use reclaimed materials, but we cant use second hand electrical components. Our cables, lamp housings, switches and plugs are brand new and all come from reputable suppliers. They are British Kite marked and CE certified.

All of our lamps are matched to a vintage style squirrell cage filament bulb which is included in the price.

Replacements bulbs can be found online at 
More than just wood...

Hypertufa is a man made material with which we make light weight concrete outdoor and indoor plant pots and troughs. These are made in the dryer season as they need to go off and cure for a few weeks before they can be sold. We also love to use hypertufa for lamp bases and are currently exploring designs which combine it and reclaimed wood.
Vintage and Antique

We love all things vintage and can be often found scouring markets, charity shops and eBay for that extra special and unique lovely little gem. 1950's ceramic hot water bottles, interesting bottles, jugs and jars can all make wonderful lamps, and we just love a vintage glass lampshade.

Each piece of wood that we use will differ slightly from the next as it is reclaimed, but we make sure we choose the best pieces possible and really work on bringing out the natural beauty and colour of the grain. This ensures that each and every lamp, or piece of furniture, made by us is unique, a one off.