It all started with shelves...

We started making furniture in 2014 when we were looking for new shelving units for our living room as we couldn't find any we liked in the high street shops or online. Our friends told us about a reclamation yard in Loughton and showed us their new wall mounted shelves made from reclaimed scaffold planks. We loved them and so set off to Loughton in search of our own new shelves.


Whilst there, we were taken back by the wealth of choice, and feeling inspired, we loaded the car with as much timber as we could (without ruining the suspension) and drove home. Once home we put up a gazebo over the patio, fixed a flood light to the frame and started to make our new shelves in our garden. 


Once our shelves were finished we felt they needed some lights and, faced again by the same lack of inspiration from high street shops, we designed and made our own. Friends and family loved our designs and were astonished by the transformation of our living room, and suggested we should start making for others. Since then we have slowly built up our tools and knowledge, and have built a workshop in our garden. Around our full times jobs we design and make lamps, shelves, tables, wine racks, garden furniture, garden pots and flower troughs.
In December 2015 we took some of our readymade designs to a Christmas Fayre on stage at Wicked the musical in London, where Nic worked as Deputy Stage Manager. Nic had drawn a basic lamp “menu” to show designs that could be made to order as well as some of our one off designs. We were so popular with the cast, crew and theatre staff that the hour flew by and we left the stage with only a few items left, which were then snapped up later that evening. We had sold out and taken many orders for bespoke lamps and wine racks, most to be finished before Christmas. It was then that we realised that we really could make a small business out of our designs.
Our Name
MooBoo represents our family, the Moody's and the Bouchard's. Nic's maiden name is Moody and throughout childhood her nickname was "Nic Moo". Andy has always been known in his family as "Andy Boo", and his father, "Pete Boo". When we married in 2002, best friend Sam re-christened us the MooBoo’s and it has stuck. It seemed only fitting that as we work together, and hope that our families will join us in the future, that we name ourselves MooBoo.
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We keep track of current styles and trends, reclaiming and re-using is very popular in this new green age, but not everyone has the tools, workspace or time to make their own furniture. We like to take a piece of wood, a pallet or cable reel, and let it dictate what it would like to be next.
We take vintage squirrel cage bulbs, cloth covered vintage style cable and a beautiful piece of wood and, when lovingly worked on and finished, you have a unique and stylish lamp. None of our lamps are the same, each one is dictated by the wood that we find.
We can make basic shapes to order as seen on our Handmade at Amazon store, but we also make one off designs, also available on H@A, and we also take commissions. Please have a look at our gallery for examples of our designs or follow the link on our shop page to our H@A store and for details of upcoming markets and events. 


We have taken a little break in 2017 to welcome our son, Harley, to the MooBoo family. He was born in April and so a few weeks before his arrival, and for a couple of months afterwards, we pressed pause on MooBoo Home. When Harley reached three months old we re-opened our store at Handmade at Amazon and began creating new designs. We hope that Harley will love what we do as much as we do, our lives have certainly changed and we couldnt be happier. Please take a look at our Handmade at Amazon store via our shop page to see our new designs for 2018.

We have re-located to Torquay in Devon to start our family life and we have had a workshop upgrade! From garden shed to garage, more space means bigger tools and more adventurous designs. We hope to make the leap from garage to barn (with shop attached) in the not too distant future. We want to spend as much time as possible with our boy, being creative, doing the job that we love - working together as a family in a place we adore.